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Developed from extensive research on the digestion and beneficial effects of Ambrotose® powder, GI-ProBalance sachets were formulated to enhance the benefits of Ambrotose products. The specially formulated probiotic blend breaks down the polysaccharides in the Ambrotose products, thereby enhancing the ability of both products to support the digestive and immune systems.

Mannatech’s delicious yogurt-flavored GI-ProBalance sachets contain a variety of probiotic bacteria and prebiotics that can positively affect health by improving the survival and growth of beneficial bacteria in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. This specially formulated symbiotic product supports a natural balance of good bacteria to maintain healthy digestion, which helps to:

  • Promote natural immune function
  • Improve nutrient absorption
  • Guard against occasional digestive upsets and intestinal disturbances

With over 70% of your body’s immune cells located in the digestive tract, a healthy gut can help maintain a healthy immune system. Unfortunately, a number of factors can result in an imbalance of beneficial bacteria such as stress, aging and consumption of an unhealthy diet that is low in fiber and high in fat. Daily supplementation with GI-ProBalance sachets can help normalise the delicate balance of intestinal bacteria required to keep your digestive tract healthy, which in turn can help keep your whole body healthy.

Mannatech’s GI-ProBalance Sachets:

  • Provide six different scientifically validated strains of probiotic bacteria to ensure a wide variety of health support
  • Include two different prebiotics that support the growth of the six probiotic strains and the good bacteria in your body
  • Provide 15 billion colony forming units (CFU) at the time of manufacture
  • Deliver 1.5 billion CFU at the time of expiration
  • Are cultured to survive and thrive in the harsh acidic environment of the stomach
  • Do not require refrigeration, making them convenient for travel and easy to share with others
  • Contain a delicious yogurt-flavored powder, and can be taken with or with food or beverage any time of day


What are probiotics and prebiotics?

Probiotics are dietarygood or friendly bacteria, live microorganisms that are also present in the healthy human gut. Probiotics can support healthy populations of gut bacteria and provide health benefits when consumed in adequate amounts.

Prebiotics are nondigestible nutrients that stimulate the growth and/or activity of good bacteria in the digestive system. Prebiotics are typically dietary fibres.

What’s the benefit of using a slimstick instead of capsule?

One of the best benefits is that is can be taken with or without food or beverage any time of day. The powder form also allows for a greater serving sise, which means the product can deliver more probiotics and prebiotics in each serving. GI-ProBalance slimsticks contain 15 billion colony forming units (CFU) at the time of manufacture and 1.5 billion at the date of expiration.

How are GI-ProBalance slimsticks different from GI-Zyme capsules?

Mannatech’s GI-ProBalance slimsticks are a probiotic and prebiotic supplement formulated to contribute to a balance of natural healthy gut flora, which in turn supports healthy digestion and natural immune function.
Mannatech’s GI-Zyme® capsules contain enzymes that are formulated to help to break down fats, proteins and carbohydrates more efficiently so they can be more easily digested.

How does GI-ProBalance powder enhance the benefits of Ambrotose products?

In vitro research suggests there may be an additive effect when GI-ProBalance powder is combined with Advanced Ambrotose or classic Ambrotose complex products. The arabinogalactan in the Ambrotose products may be broken down and utilised by specific bacteria present in GI-ProBalance powder. At the same time, arabinogalactan is a prebiotic that has been shown to support the growth and proliferation of specific bacteria found in our GI-ProBalance product. The expected result is enhanced support from both products.

Why do GI-ProBalance slimsticks contain soy?

While soy is not an ingredient in the product, it was a part of the source medium in which the bacteria strains are grown; therefore, the product may contain trace amounts of soy.

Why do GI-ProBalance slimsticks contain maltodextrin?

The maltodextrin in GI-ProBalance slimsticks serves as a flow agent and helps to give the product its powder consistency. This ingredient makes the product easy to package for the manufacturer and easy to pour and mix for the end consumer.

There are two types of maltodextrin commonly available. One is an easily digested high-glycemic grade, while the other is a low-glycemic, digestive-resistant, soluble fibre commonly known by the brand name Fibresol-2. It’s this second low-glycemic version that is used in the production of GI-ProBalance powder, and it’s actually a source of fibre that can provide health benefits when consumed in adequate quantities.

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