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Mannatech’s Digestive Support products are designed to support intestinal health. Because 70% of your immune system is located in your digestive tract, a healthy digestive system is important to optimal health.

For Intestinal Health Support

The MannaCLEANSE caplets support a healthy environment for the intestinal tract. Each ingredient was carefully selected for its beneficial function(s) supporting colon health.

Our MannaCLEANSE caplets are a proprietary blend of fibres, botanicals, enzymes, probiotics and sources of fatty acids designed to promote proper colon ecology and function and support intestinal health.

Take MannaCLEANSE caplets with a full glass of water between meals to achieve maximum benefit and effectiveness

Our MannaCLEANSE caplets are designed to help the body’s lower digestive tract by:

  • Supporting the natural ecology of the intestines
  • Supporting the body’s abilities to fully break down food particles and expel unused or unneeded material
  • Combining natural fibres, herbs, fatty acids and probiotics that provide a healthy environment for the intestinal tract
  • Supplying oat bran, psyllium and plant cellulose to help recover substances from the colon
  • Supplying herbs like ginger root, rosemary and peppermint thought to have a calming effect on the intestinal tract
  • Furnishing the intestinal tract with classic Ambrotose™ complex, fatty acids, digestive enzymes and beneficial microflora


I’m allergic to aloe vera. Can I use products that contain Ambrotose complex?

MannaCLEANSE contains aloe vera gel powder. Individuals with allergies or sensitivities to any ingredients in our products should always consult their personal physician before use.

What are beneficial microflora?

Beneficial microflora are healthy bacteria in the digestive system (primarily the colon) that are an important component of overall health.

What are probiotics, and why are they important?

Probiotics are dietary living microorganisms that contribute to the health and balance of the intestinal tract. Food sterilisation and preservatives may decrease the levels of these beneficial bacteria in your foods. Probiotics may help keep your digestive system running smoothly by helping break down food and processing waste.

Why is proper colon ecology of the intestines important?

Proper colon ecology is necessary for gastrointestinal and overall health. Our MannaCLEANSE caplets combine natural fibres, oils, herbs and probiotics to help support a healthy environment for the intestinal tract.

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